Most Popular Services

Advertising and Branding A good brand can break through the monotony of modern advertising and offer a unique and valuable experience to its customer. We will develop your public brand, message, and deliver the maximum impact for your company.
Social Media Optimization We can create fantastic buzz around your brand, attract attention to your product, and build a network of loyal followers through social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram – and others!
Websites that Work 78% of customers consistently conduct product research online. We specialize in not only making sure your site is seen, but that it is branded, highly functional, and impactful for users.
Public Relations Public Relations isn't just for Fortune 500 Corporations – even the smallest business can benefit from local press coverage, a good review, or a "shout out" in a specialty blog. We offer several PR packages for companies of all sizes.

Novare Digital first began in January 1994 in Warsaw, Poland as an advertising and web development company. The corporation moved to the U.S. in 2000, while still maintaining the operations center in Poland, and now has two locations: Nashville and Chattanooga, TN.

Today, the company has expanded its capabilities to a diverse list of advertising and marketing services. We make sure your needs are being met in every aspect of promotion by providing a full range of advertising departments.

Your Digital Agency

Novare Digital is an innovative full service advertising and marketing agency which acts as a one-stop-shop for clients. We allow you to draw on our modular, fully integrated list of marketing services to maximize your brand and message. In addition to servicing a broad range of organizations, from international companies to small and medium businesses, Novare Digital also assists in scaling up the digital production capabilities of advertising agencies. We are adding offices throughout the United States and have a state-of-the-art Operations Center in Europe. Some of our clients include the biggest names in their respective industries and they rely on us because we ensure superior quality, higher efficiency, and competitive rates with cutting-edge technology.

With a thriving online workforce available on-demand, you can rely on Novare Digital as your Marketing solution. Our team of experienced creatives, designers, copywriters, programmers, developers and engineers can help you complete a one-time project or work with you on an ongoing basis. We offer Web Solution services including Web Design, Development, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), PPC Campaigns, Linux Programming and other web service solutions.

New ideas. NOW Solutions.

We understand all the issues of integrating off-site development activities, from training and familiarization with your products and platforms to communication and feedback. We know how to successfully build and manage high quality, cost-efficient teams and have done so for key players in the industry, typically with fast ramp-up. We have helped our customers to increase their sales and revenue by providing flexible engineering teams which can be ramped up/down according to market needs.

Our team believes in a systematic, process driven and qualitative approach towards each client. We are managed by passionate and dynamic professionals adhering to the client's requirements. Our creative team works in sync with our development team to ensure our clients’ campaigns remain engaging, captivating and flawless.

We believe in protecting our clients' dream. We put our best effort into the pursuit of achieving your objective. From the initial process of your project, whether it's a new website, improved content management, e-commerce infrastructure, or any other marketing needs, you will not have to worry about how your project is progressing or whether your deadlines will be met.